Vinterbris “Solace” [Slipcase Edition]

Artist: Vinterbris
Release Title: Solace [Slipcase Edition]
Record Label: Triton’s Orbit
Release Date: 16 September 2016
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Origin: Norway

Formed in 2008 in Bergen (Norway), the music from VINTERBRIS is highly inspired by groups such as Primordial and Moonsorrow while retaining its own atmosphere and originality.

After having released their sophomore album Solace in 2014 through Nordavind Records, Triton’s Orbit gives a new face to this desolate and melancholic record with the backbone of true Norwegian black metal, presenting it with the original CD inside a brand new slipcase with artwork by norwegian artist Kim Holm.

With a lyrical concept centered around one man’s struggle with self-acceptance, existence and place in nature, the soundscapes of Solace are complete.

Here’s what Archaon from Norwegian black metal unit 1349 has to say about Vinterbris: “From the west coast of Norway comes the storms, the rains and recently, an outstanding young constellation called Vinterbris. A mixture of dark well-executed metal, at times almost meditative, which will ensure those Nordic chills down your spine. In addition to serving Nordic metal’s future a more multidimensional approach to their art, Vinterbris are keeping the music on the track of excitement. Make sure to catch this act if you’re given the chance – they are a blinding live-force too.”