Riti Occulti “Tetragrammaton”

Artist: Riti Occulti
Release Title: Tetragrammaton
Record Label: Triton’s Orbit
Release Date: 7 October 2016
Genre: Occult Blackened Doom
Origin: Italy

Italian black/doom sensationalists Riti Occulti are back with a brand new album on Nordavind Records & Triton’s Orbit. After enthralling us with an ever evolving brand of mysterious music, marked by the absence of guitars and for having two female vocalists complementing each other with their contrasting styles, the music reaches a fascinating crescendo as genres are blurred and art takes over. The angelic vocals of Elisabetta Marchetti serenade us while the harsh growls of Serena Mastracco add power to the proceedings. The music remains consistently interesting and progressive with psychedelic touches. All in all,Tetragrammatonis a fascinating new beast in the style, bound to make its presence felt.